About Epilation

Hair growth problems occur at different times for each person. Although there is not exact time, puberty is usually selected to start epilation. During this period, hairing problems increase and youngs feel unconfortable and feel pain during hair removing due to hormones. For the beginning, you can choose Depitak Hair Removal Cream and make epilation painless.

You should wait 72 hours between 2 applications to protect your skin.

Razors deform hairs and they will grow thicker. Razors cut the hair just above the skin and they return only one or two days after shaving. However, Depitak Hair Removal Cream acts by breaking the sulfur bonds in the structure of hair. This effect helps to disentangle the hairs. And achieve a smooth skin up to 4 weeks. Depitak Hair Removal Cream also gives a smooth appearance to the skin with moisturizing formula.

Depitak Hair Removal Cream can be used in bikini line but you must avoid to use in your intimate area.

It isn't harmful. But at these times like pregnancy or menstrual periods, sensitivity to pain will increase because hormones are more active. Wax application can cause bruises for pregnant women. Therefore, you can choose Depitak Hair Removal Cream during your pregnancy or menstrual periods.

It is recommended to avoid swimming and exposure to the sun at least 1 day after epilation. Thus, passes on redness of your legs based on waxing and can be avoided staining of waxing area.

Razors should not use to save time for hair removal. Shaving causes growing hair thicker and more often. On the other hand, using wax consistently decreases speed of hairs growth and intensity.If you don't have enough time, you can use Depitak Gel Wax which does not require heating and can be cleaned by water.

Underarm Hairs

Underarm hairs should be cleaned because of the effect of bacterias cause smell of sweat and also it looks bad aesthetically. Shaving is preferred method to removing underarm hair. But shaving with razor cause the hairs grow overnight and harder so you may prefer to use Depitak Wax Strips or Depitak Gel Wax instead of razors. However, if you have a sensitivty to pain or you have not enough time, you can use Depitak Hair Removal Cream to removing hairs.

Bikini Line Hairs

Bikini line shouldn't be cleaned with razors because this area is already sufficient for ingrown hairs.Depitak Wax Strips or Depitak Gel Wax can be used to rise hairs more softly and weakening of the hair roots in time. For more practical and painless method, Depitak Hair Removal Cream can be used. To avoid irritation, your intimate areas should not be exposed cream.

Facial Hairs

Facial hairs would be a problem for both women and men. It is possible to get rid of facial hairs with Depitak Wax Strips. If you don't want to use wax, you can use Depitak Hair Removal Cream. Do not use alcohol-based products or cologne after removing facial hairs and avoid to lights as sun and solarium for 24 hours after epilation.

Why ingrown hairs occur?

Ingrown hairs in legs and bikini lines creates an unwanted look just like unwanted hairs. An ingrown hair is caused by a small hair under the skin that does not grow outward through the skin as it should.

Rather, it is seen in people with skin regeneration happen fast. The most common cause of ingrown hairs is doing epilation with razors or epilators. If you use this methods for epilation, hair is cut over the skin and it may grow underneath the skin.

How can I get rid of the ingrown hairs?

You can use Depitak Hair Removal Cream, Depitak Cold Wax, Depitak Roll-on Wax or Depitak Wax Strips to avoid ingrown hairs. Bikini line is sensitive and if you shave this area, may occur irritation or ingrown hairs. It is important to clean bikini line with wax. The best thing you can do is peeling and rubbing with a coarse bath-glove. In this way, skin layer becomes thinner and hairs can grow outward through the skin. You should be careful not to irritate the area. Don't do hair removal in the same day you make peeling. Thus, you don't cause irritation. Clean the ingrown hairs with tweezers for ingrown hairs after epilation. You can use acne cream after 24 hours.

Is wax a solution for ingrown hairs?

The best solution is wax strips to avoid ingrown hairs. Wax clean the hairs from root, thin the skin layer and prevent to hairs which grow underneath the skin. Thus, new hairs can grow outward through the skin as it should.